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Cobb Commissioners Start Unprecedented Biennial Budget Hearings

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September 16, 2021

Cobb Commissioners Start Unprecedented Biennial Budget Hearings
Board to hear department’s budgetary needs in a rapidly-growing county

Marietta, GA | September 15 - Cobb County Commissioners started a series of work sessions Tuesday designed to give them a deep dive into the county’s budget and departmental challenges before the formation of a biennial budget in 2022.  Issues raised at a spring retreat prompted the unprecedented six-month effort when it became apparent the county faced significant issues surrounding aging infrastructure, operating costs, and employee recruitment and retention.

County Manager Dr. Jackie McMorris kicked off the first work session by recognizing commissioners and county staff already are busy formulating a countywide strategic plan and working on a comp-and-class study.

“But there comes a time when we can’t drag our feet too long,” said Dr. McMorris.  “We can’t make assessments stretch out too long; we have to change, re-evaluate our situation and sometimes pivot and change again.”

Human Resources Director Tony Hagler set the stage for departmental presentations by telling commissioners county employee turnover is increasing at the same time attracting new employees has become a struggle.  A recent study showed Cobb’s pay lags behind our neighboring jurisdictions, making attracting candidates even harder in an already tight labor market.

Finance, Communications, Human Resources, and the Medical Examiner were the first departments to present to commissioners on Tuesday.  That work session can be viewed by visiting CobbTV’s YouTube Channel.

“What I’m saying to you is we are not the same Cobb County that we were five years ago or a decade ago,” Dr. McMorris said during her introduction.  “As you listen to and ask key questions about the presentations coming before you, I ask you to think about the kind of Cobb County government you want to build upon.  Do we want to be leaders prepared to make the shifts needed to move us forward?  I say you do.”

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