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Cobb BOC Approves New Medical Examiner Facility

2018 11-29 Medical Examiners Office
November 29, 2018

Marietta, GA -- Cobb County's Medical Examiner hopes the Board's action on Tuesday night will help his office serve Cobb's residents better and gain professional certification. The Board approved an $8 million line item for a new Medical Examiners Building to replace the small, aging structure currently in use.  Along with $3 million already allocated in the 2016 SPLOST, this should be enough to build the facility.

Dr. Christopher Gulledge says the aging facilities have stood in the way of his office receiving accreditation from the National Association of Medical Examiners.  "My staff holds individual certifications," said Dr. Gulledge.  "But the office receiving national accreditation would show Cobb residents that we follow established guidelines and standards and operates at the highest level."

The Medical Examiners current home was built in 1978 to serve a population of around 250,000.  Cobb's current population is three times that, plus the current building does not contain controls to prevent certain infectious diseases. The Board approved an amended item that provides if more funding becomes available through excess SPLOST contributions, it would be used to offset the $8 million general fund expenditure. 

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