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Chairwoman Holds Eviction Relief Meeting with Residents

picture of a meeting in the board of commissioners room
June 9, 2021

Following complaints in recent Board of Commissioners meetings the county's eviction relief assistance programs were moving too slow for some residents, Chairwoman Lisa Cupid held a meeting with a group of those residents to work through their concerns.

picture of meeting with residents

The Chairwoman was joined by District 4 Commissioner Monique Sheffield and staff members  who listened to concerns of the residents and vowed to work for solutions.

Cupid told the group non-profits administering eviction relief programs were dealing with strict federal requirements and working through those took time.  But she says those non-profits have told her the process should start moving faster in the coming weeks.

Many of the other complaints revolved around conditions at some apartment complexes, with situations including overflowing garbage, unresponsive management, and mold issues getting worse during the recent pandemic.

Commissioner Sheffield told the residents that she had toured many of these complexes with her assistant and would work with Cobb's code enforcement team to increase inspections and enforcement.

picture of chairwoman cupid in the meeting

Getting information about eviction relief programs and other assistance available to residents has also been a challenge.  Staff members promised to work on a new program to distribute flyers to residents to let them know what programs are available and how they should apply for them.

Chairwoman Cupid said she will organize a work session with the Board of Commissioners to get an update from the non-profits on the eviction relief programs and have the Chief Magistrate provide an update on the evictions process in the courts. 

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