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A Braves Championship Celebration Done Right

Braves Win Parade
November 9, 2021

The Cobb County Board of Commissioners recognized the World Series Champions during the Tuesday, November 9 board meeting.

a picture of the board with braves development president mike plant

Braves Development President Mike Plant lauded the "unequaled public/private partnership" for the stadium and Battery Atlanta complex. "We made a commitment that we would bring the World Series to Cobb County, and we did it," Plant told the commissioners.

Watch the presentation here!

Chairwoman Cupid called it one of the biggest days and the biggest event in Cobb County history. She told officials at the meeting that the Atlanta Braves complimented and thanked the county for helping them pull off a World Series Championship celebration.

“The Braves were ecstatic about the celebration in Cumberland and the Battery,” Cupid said. “This was a clear sign to them and everyone that you can trust Cobb to get it right.”