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Board Approves Millage Rate and FY21 Budget

picture of Chairman Boyce signing budget documents
July 31, 2020

Cobb’s Board of Commissioners Adopts FY21 Budget, Sets Millage Rate

Following the third public hearing, Cobb County’s Board of Commissioners adopted the FY21 budget and set the millage rate for this year.  The millage rate remains steady at 8.46 mils (for the third year in a row) and the FY21 budget anticipates a rough economic road ahead by including multiple cuts.  The vote was 4-1 on the budget and millage, with Commissioner Keli Gambrill casting the sole dissenting vote, and followed minimal public comment during the three hearings.

“To me, it shows that this board listens to the community and what residents believe the needs are in Cobb County, and they adjust the millage rate accordingly,” said Chairman Mike Boyce.  The Chairman says he remains concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the budget, but a true picture may not emerge until the end of the year.

To prepare for possible rough times ahead, the FY21 budget makes the following adjustments:

  • Assumes no growth in the tax digest for the coming year
  • Significantly reduces capital expenditures
  • Includes no pay raises for county employees 
  • Provides for no new positions and includes a hiring freeze

Financial ratings firms have given Cobb County a “AAA” rating for 23 consecutive years.

NOTE: You may have seen articles indicating Cobb's Board passed a "tax increase."  There was NO increase in the millage rate.  These headlines are misleading, but based upon state requirements that counties and cities advertise a "tax increase" even if they do not raise the millage rate but expect to bring in more money than the prior year because of an increase in the tax digest.


For a detailed look at the adopted FY21 Cobb Budget:

Watch the budget presentation to the board:

Read the presentation:


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