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Cobb’s Board Approves the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

Board of Commissioners
June 7, 2021

Cobb’s Board Approves the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget | The budget provides raises for county employees and Public Safety personnel

Marietta, GA (July 23, 2019) | Cobb County’s Board of Commissioners approved the Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Tuesday night which includes a 7-percent pay raise for certified and sworn Public Safety personnel and a 4-percent raise for most other county employees.

The Board also approved the millage rate for this year, leaving the General Fund steady at 8.46 mils.

The vote came after a third public hearing and long statements from commissioners.

“This year was all about increased compensation for public safety, and this budget delivers that,” said Chairman Mike Boyce.  “We’re going to put our money where our mouth is, and everyone in this county who believes public safety is our number one priority this year’s budget clearly reflects that.”

Commissioner Lisa Cupid said the employee raises were long overdue, saying many employees have only received three raises in the past eleven years.  “That is no way to maintain the morale of an organization,” Cupid said. “And how can you do that with Public Safety, men and women who put their lives on the line?  I am committed to providing a certain level of service that my constituents put me here to provide, and that is directly tied to maintaining a strong employee base.”

“I think overall this is a good budget, but it is not perfect,” said Commissioner JoAnn Birrell.  “We’ve always said public safety is our highest priority and it is high time we did something about it.”

The budget also includes recruitment bonuses and other benefits designed to slow the loss of police and firefighters in the county.

Commissioners Bob Ott and Keli Gambrill voted against the budget and the millage rate.

The growth in the 2019 tax digest, the value of all properties in the county, brought in an additional $13.5 million to the General Fund. Cobb homeowners with the homestead exemption saved $41 million in taxes that would normally have gone to the county’s General Fund. 

Earlier this year, three New York-based financial rating agencies affirmed Cobb’s AAA rating for the 23rd straight year. 

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